About Western Albemarle HS Crew


The Philosophy of a Competitive Rowing Team

We are a highly competitive sculling program, winning Virginia State Championships and gold and silver medals at the Scholastic Nationals.  As such, we place extraordinary demands on our student athletes; not only do they devote hundreds of hours to some of the most rigorous high school physical training there is, but they also commit to put the team and its goals ahead of their own.  Those qualities engender a supportive, responsible environment that encourages every one of our team members to drive well beyond the rower’s perceived physical and mental limits, developing determination, mental toughness, humility and the kind of cooperative spirit that lasts a lifetime.

Rowing is a year-round, intense sport. We have two full seasons – Fall with Beaver Creek Sculling and Spring with Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) Crew. We also participate in indoor winter erg conditioning in the winter months, beginning in early December and many of or rowers attend rowing camps and train during the summer on a voluntary basis. The Fall and Spring water practices begin immediately after school or at 6:15am at the Beaver Creek Reservoir. In the afternoons, we aim to be on the water at 4:30 and off at 6:30 p.m. Rowers are responsible for their own transportation to and from practice.  We require that rowers attend all practices and regattas unless excused by a coach.

After getting off the water, boats must be cleaned and stored, so practice in the afternoons may end close to 7:00 p.m. Practice is held Monday through Friday, and occasionally on Saturday as well. Practices may include land strength and conditioning days. Team members’ commitment to the program means attending all practices and being available for all regattas.


Regattas are typically a full day of racing events (usually held 7:30 a.m – 4:30 p.m.) and we attend 4 – 6 regattas each Fall season. Most are held on Saturdays in Northern Virginia, which requires travel and sometimes a Friday overnight stay. The coach determines the week of the regatta which rowers will be entered, so all rowers are expected to be available on regatta weekends. The coach must be notified in advance if a rower is unavailable to compete on a regatta weekend. Food is signed up for and provided to all parents, coaches and rowers.

Fees And Expenses

All expenses and transportation for regattas are the parents’ responsibility. The Fall participation fee is $700, payable to Beaver Creek Sculling. This registration fee covers a portion of the operating costs of the season. Parents have been a very generous to the program – donating not only financial support, but also providing food for events and serving in volunteer roles. We could not operate without their valued help.


We receive no funding from the high school and all of our equipment and the boathouse and dock have been purchased with gifts from parents, families, and friends in the community and through the hard work of our team’s fundraising efforts.

Physical Requirements

You must be a capable swimmer and have a VHLS sports physical on file to try-out for the team. We can carry up to 40 members on the team which is our present seat capacity in boats. Seats (team membership) are determined by skill level, athleticism, and commitment to the program. In the winter, all rowers participate in strength and conditioning practices, either by joining a team (swimming, basketball …) or on their own. Erg scores are an important factor and a major consideration in seat placement on the team.

Alumni WAHS Rowers 2008-2016

Sadeeka Dosu ~ Sacramento State
Nick Sjolinder ~ Liberty University
Victoria Jump ~ Virginia Commonwealth University
Rachael Nidiffer ~ James Madison University
Chelsea Trice ~ Old Dominion University
Jennifer Bisgaier ~ Georgetown University
Carolyn Schneller ~ Ohio State University
Dani Lucas ~ Stanford University
Erin Heald ~William & Mary College
Neve Gallagher ~UT-Austin
Hayes Shannon – Rochester Institute of Technology
Emily Barlow – Bucknell University
Carrie Smith – Notre Dame
Grace von Elten – University of Virginia

Want more information?

Please e-mail Coach Craig Redinger at ctredinger@gmail.com if you have any questions.